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What’s Co-opetition?

Karen Messick, Executive Director at Pilgrim Manor, is a member of a community team that helps drive innovation in the Grand Rapids area. Local hospital systems, other extended health care organizations, and Pilgrim Manor are working together to promote patient-directed care and provide optimal resident experience during care transitions.

Prioritizing the expressed needs of residents prompted Karen and her colleagues to establish a collaborative service model—TANDEM365. Click here to learn more about this new concept that helps older adults navigate care networks while managing costs and enabling them to remain in their homes if desired.

The model is based on collaboration but does not force partners to ignore their respective organizational interests. A spirit of “co-opetition” bridges the collaboration-competition divide.

The federal government may decide to help fuel this venture through a Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services Innovation award. While Karen and her partners wait for the announcement, TANDEM365 is continuing to engage insurers and other partners to find ways to advance their home and community care efforts.

Immediate action items include a 40 patient pilot that may spur additional opportunities. One payer is interested in using the model to serve 1,600 chronically ill individuals with the possibility of adding more patients based on the outcomes that Karen and her colleagues collect. Gold standards and patient education are integral to the success of both efforts.

In the spirit of TANDEM365, the Michigan Health Council is committed to serving all health professionals. Health care’s complexity impacts everyone. However, co-opetition teaches us that open communication and clear sense of purpose can help overcome shared challenges.

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