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About Us

What We Do


Michigan Health Council is a solutions-oriented nonprofit organization on a mission to create products and provide services our partners rely on to build healthcare workforce capacity. We proactively address the needs of healthcare leaders, professionals, employers, educators, and students through various programs spanning the education-to-practice continuum.


Michigan Health Council was founded on July 16, 1943, by a joint effort of the Michigan Health & Hospital Association, Michigan State Medical Society, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. We have an eight-decade track record of developing sustainable programming for healthcare employers, educators, and professionals. 


Whether helping thousands of high school students and adults explore careers in health care, connecting and certifying thousands of future professionals for clinical rotations, or connecting hundreds of thousands of candidates with job opportunity matches, the Michigan Health Council works every day to strengthen our health care workforce.

Contact us to learn what we are preparing for launch or if you have an idea or an opportunity that we can help you pursue. Our goal is to work with you to build self-sustaining initiatives that make an impact today and tomorrow.

Core Principles
  • Promote inclusive definitions of the health care team where all members are supported

  • Think creatively about functions and roles that do not currently exist on the health care team to meet both immediate and long term workforce needs

  • Partner with employers to understand their needs and ensure academic and professional leaders are prepared to respond to industry needs

  • Promote opportunities for health care career advancement and innovation

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