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Implicit Bias Training


Michigan Health Council is pleased to offer implicit bias training for healthcare professionals. Our trainings cover a wide range of topics, including how humans make decisions, the stories we tell ourselves, how to apologize well, how to improve your listening skills, and how to become an identity-conscious person.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Learners will gain an understanding of what implicit bias is.

  2. Learners will gain an understanding of the history of bias in healthcare and the modern consequences of bias in the delivery of healthcare services.

  3. Learners will gain an understanding on how implicit bias informs their decisions and interactions.

  4. Learners will learn strategies to remedy the impact of bias in their perceptions, judgment, and communication.

  5. Learners will learn strategies to reduce disparities in the access and delivery of healthcare services.

Participants will earn a certificate of completion to meet the requirements for (re)licensure in the state of Michigan under administrative rule 338.7004.


Each module is LARA Compliant, with a pre-test, post-test, and evaluation. These courses meet requirements for all healthcare profession and additionally has been approved for nursing and social work  CE. You will download a certificate upon successful completion. Click on the icons below to get started for only $35/hour. You must create a Moodle account to complete the course(s). Click here to learn more about how to use the platform.


Implicit Bias

Recognition and Remediation

1 hour

Implicit Bias
Mythbusting Race

1 hour

Implicit Bias

Sex, Gender, and Sexuality

2 hours


"I enjoyed how interactive it was and how it made me realize implicit biases are more a part of our daily lives than I had initially thought. I also learned that they can also protect you from potentially dangerous situations."

About the Instructor

Nya Todd is a Michigan State University alum with a degree in Comparative Cultures and a minor in International Development. Nya is certified in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and is the Content Development Coordinator for Michigan Health Council. Nya leads the facilitated discussions with the intention of recognizing people’s experiences and giving justice to the identities of individuals. Nya is an amazing conversation facilitator and listener and is the co-author of MHC's e-learning modules. You may contact Nya Todd at [email protected] or 517-908-8222.

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