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The Next Chapter for the Michigan Center for Nursing

hank you to Carole Stacy for her dedication to the Michigan Health Council

As you may know, Carole Stacy, the Director of the Michigan Center for Nursing, has decided to pursue new opportunities after several years of service with the Center on behalf of Michigan’s nursing community.

With Carole’s departure, we will start to write the next chapter for the Michigan Center for Nursing. Nursing is an essential part of Michigan’s Health Care workforce and the Center will continue to play an important role in the Michigan Health Council’s mission to build Michigan’s health care workforce.

With the support of the Michigan Department of Community Health, the Michigan Center for Nursing will continue to build a sustainable infrastructure for action and communication for open dialogue and problem solving around nursing issues.

The primary objectives of the MCN have been and will continue to be to:

  1. Provide a central forum in Michigan for exploring and addressing the changing expectations, policies, roles and responsibilities of nurses, their employers, their clients and the public.

  1. Establish a central resource for the collection and analysis of nursing workforce data and policy changes.

  1. Communicate about salient nursing issues and workforce data to all stakeholders for use in the development and implementation of strategies for addressing recruitment, retention and nursing education.

  1. Assume a leadership role in developing Nursing initiatives around interprofessional education and collaborative practice.

Moving forward, we at the Michigan Health Council are committed to delivering on the objectives listed above and will begin a process to identify and put in place a nurse leader to help achieve these goals.

It is our hope that we will find an individual as committed and capable as Carole Stacy has been during her time at the helm. Again, we thank Carole for her time with us.

In the meantime, please contact me with any questions or concerns.


Anne Rosewarne President Michigan Health Council



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