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The Illinois Response to Health Care Workforce

We have all read many projections and prognostications on how health care reform will impact our health care workforce.

The State of Illinois created a workgroup specifically designed to develop a comprehensive set of recommendations to help prepare for the health care workforce for full implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

This month, Illinois published the 23 recommendations based on this work. Here are a few ideas Michigan could examine as possible options:

Community Health Workers

Standardize training and expand the role of this important community-based workforce could pay many dividends now and in the future to reduce complications from arising from at-risk populations.

Support Academic Progression

The report recognized the essential role nurses play in keeping patients healthy. They recommend policies to achieve the IOM recommendation that 80% of nurses be baccalaureate prepared by 2020.

Support Primary Care

The workgroup supported many efforts to ensure that all families have access to a primary care provider, and recommended efforts to expand the growth of primary care in a direction towards a patient-centered medical home and team-based care model.

What ideas do you have to grow Michigan’s health care workforce?



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