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Nurse Managed Student Team Delivers Essential Care

Patient-centered medical homes are an increasingly important model in delivering health care services. But what happens when the patients don’t even have a home?

Street Medicine Detroit is an effort, created and supported by medical students from Wayne State University’s medical school, to bring medicine to the homeless populations of Detroit.

The students are managed by an advanced practice nurse, and the team works with the non-profit Neighborhood Service Organization to identify and locate patients to provide follow up visits in an effort to ensure follow up care.

During a time in health care when clinical rotation spots are in very high demand, this type of program shows how looking at an innovative model can expose students to valuable clinical insights, demonstrate the value of interprofessional care teams, and provide an essential service to some of Michigan’s most vulnerable residents.

These types of programs expand access to care at a much lower cost than a full, grant-funded mobile clinic. Innovation and collaboration are essential to ensuring all Michigan’s residents have access to care.

For more information on how to expand clinical options with students during clinical rotations, contact the Education 2 Practice team.

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