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Michigan Leading in HRSA Grant Awards

The Health Resources and Services Administration issues grant funding to help insure all Michigan residents have access to health care professionals through Federally Qualified Health Centers and by expanding the capacity of the US health care workforce.

Michigan is a leader in winning these awards for collaborative and innovative programs to address a wide range of health care issues, including improving clinical recruitment, maternal and child health, primary health care, and HIV/AIDS.

Want to work with the Michigan Health Council on a grant or program idea? Contact us now.

The Michigan Health Council is very excited to work with HRSA to expand programming around many of these issues.

One of the programs we have developed is a collaborative effort between two universities, two non-profits, and state-government to develop interprofessional education experiences at nurse-led clinics in Detroit and Grand Rapids.

With more than $175 million in funding, Michigan is in the top quarter of all US states in funding. See the full breakdown of Michigan’s funding at the HRSA data wearhouse here.

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