Michigan Health Care Jobs Statistics 2013

The Michigan Workforce Development Agency Labor Shed Studies unveil a great deal of information about the current status and projections for Michigan’s future workforce.

Using data from the WDA’s health care cluster workforce analysis (available at www.michigan.gov/lmi), this graph displays the growth trends and future wage projects for several of Michigan’s health professions.

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Projected Hiring Growth

21% Registered Nurse Job Growth

21% Physician Job Growth

29% Occupational Therapist Job Growth

15% Pharmacist Job Growth

30% Physician Assistant Job Growth

Projected Hourly Wages

Registered Nurse | $22-40 per hour

Primary Care Physician | $90 per hour

Occupational Therapist | $21-45 per hour

Pharmacist | $41-67 per hour

Phyician Assistant | $22-50 per hour