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Michigan Health Care Jobs Statistics 2013

The Michigan Workforce Development Agency Labor Shed Studies unveil a great deal of information about the current status and projections for Michigan’s future workforce.

Using data from the WDA’s health care cluster workforce analysis (available at, this graph displays the growth trends and future wage projects for several of Michigan’s health professions.

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Projected Hiring Growth

21% Registered Nurse Job Growth

21% Physician Job Growth

29% Occupational Therapist Job Growth

15% Pharmacist Job Growth

30% Physician Assistant Job Growth

Projected Hourly Wages

Registered Nurse | $22-40 per hour

Primary Care Physician | $90 per hour

Occupational Therapist | $21-45 per hour

Pharmacist | $41-67 per hour

Phyician Assistant | $22-50 per hour



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