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MHA Releases Patient Safety and Quality Report

The Michigan Health and Hospital Association’s (MHA) Keystone Center is a nationally-recognized leader in developing and implementing patient safety improvements.

On the 10-year anniversary of the Center, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan announced a $10 million, five-year expansion of the center.

This year’s annual report highlights the efforts made by the Keystone Center and Michigan hospitals to improve patient safety, improving health and saving money.

Here are some of the results of the safety initiatives developed by the Keystone Center this year:

  1. Reduced the risk of the unplanned hospital readmissions, saving nearly $98 million

  2. Lowered the rate of catheter-acquired urinary-tract infections per patient day by 75%

  3. Decreased the number of patients who leave an emergency room without being seen by 35%

  4. Saved $440,000 by reducing infections from central-lines by 50%

Reducing unnecessary health care costs is essential to ensuring that all Michigan families have access to health care providers for preventative care and those unexpected and necessary health care needs.



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