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Manistee is Shining

As part of our on-going effort exploring new models of care delivery in Michigan – particularly in primary care – we have profiled several individuals and organizations leading the way toward the Triple Aim.

This month we discovered Centra Wellness Network, located in Manistee. They are facilitating a Michigan Medicaid Health Home Pilot Project as a member of the Northern Michigan Health Coalition that may very well be a new model of health care in rural Michigan.

Their team moves fast so we put together this quick guide so you aren’t stranded on the shore:


Coalition of providers in northern Michigan providing primary and acute care; mental health care; substance use treatment; dental care; elder services, and public health.


Improve the community’s health by helping individuals with mental health and multiple chronic conditions meet their wellness goals (e.g. smoking cessation, pain management, weight loss)


Tuesday team huddles on the upcoming week’s schedule are an integral aspect of integrated care. After several months, the multi-disciplinary team covers these topics among others in about 30 minutes:

· prescription reconciliations

· recent emergency room visits

· patient motivation

· suicide prevention strategies

· staff education

· hospital capacity

· diagnostic services

· new record transcription services

· the role of Community Paramedics


Enrollment in the Health Home pilot started in summer 2014.


The Coalition is headquartered at the Manistee Wellness Center built less than two years ago in Manistee, MI with the potential to expand to other areas.



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