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A New Website for the Michigan Center for Nursing

This week, the Michigan Center for Nursing released its newly reimagined website to serve as a content portal of information for Michigan’s 160,000 nurses.

The new website is designed to inform practicing nurses, nurse leaders, educators, and policy makers about the important changes in nursing, particularly during an era of reform.

Future content will be focused around four main areas:

  1. Quality and safety

  2. Nursing reports and data

  3. Interprofessional education and team-based care

  4. Developing career resources for Michigan nurses

This is something everyone is really excited about and we are all looking forward to expanding Michigan’s nursing workforce.

Michigan Center for Nursing Director Carole Stacy

“We are thrilled to see the results of our months-long project of redesigning our website. I hope that Michigan’s nurses, educators, and policy makers find the information we develop to be useful as we enter this new world of reform.”



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