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A First Step to Solving Hot Spots

Yesterday, National Public Radio highlighted a new approach in Camden that makes health care services more accessible to those in these “hot-spot” communities.

Reliance Medical Group created a three-room clinic in an apartment building with some residents averaging over $1 million in yearly hospital admissions and emergency room visits, hoping to provide these patients and families reliable access to primary care.

This small clinic treats only a few patients – 130, or 19 percent of the building’s residents – but represents part of the new movement to delivering health care beyond a traditional “Doctor’s office.” Traditional models of providing care to patients with complex chronic health care needs may need rethinking.Listen to the NPR story here.

The Michigan Health Council’s Education 2 Practice Program is helping catalogue and promote new methods of team-based care. Health care teams can help provide care outside of a traditional clinic setting and can help engage patients to better manage chronic health conditions.

(Be sure to see the MHC profile of Street Medicine Detroit to learn more.)



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