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Building Student Teams in Clinical Education

Clinical education presents challenges – and opportunities – for clinical sites and educators. One of these is finding ways to have students from different professions learn interprofessional collaboration in the clinical setting.

The Michigan Health Council’s ACEMAPP program has been assisting clinical sites and schools to coordinate clinical rotations for nursing students since 2008. Today, over 6,000 students, representing 7 different professions, are using ACEMAPP to manage their clinical rotations and student on-boarding.

To take advantage of this opportunity to enhance opportunities for team-based learning, the ACEMAPP team developed an interprofessional education scheduling component, allowing schools and sites to “discover” when students from multiple professions are in the same clinical site in the same time.

Using this technology-driven approach marks a new way of exposing students to students from different professional and academic backgrounds in the clinical setting.

The ACEMAPP team presented some of their work at the All Together Better Health Conference this June. You can view the slideshow above, or view the video below.



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