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Oakland County Health Division (OCHD)'s Health Equity Commission

Healthcare Industry

Public Health Departments

Organizations Involved

Oakland County Health Division

Occupations Involved

Public Health Professionals; Healthcare, general

Workforce Development Focus

Improving the quality of healthcare workforce

Workforce Issues Addressed

Training current healthcare professionals on subjects that will help professionals provide more culturally-competent and/or patient-centered care


The Oakland County Health Division (OCHD)'s Health Equity Committee has multiple approaches to improving the cultural and linguistic humility of the OCHD workforce. Their current initiatives include ongoing training for all OCHD staff to enhance knowledge of health equity and cultural humility, enhancement of OCHD's policies and procedures to diverse and inclusive hiring, staffing and workforce devleopment, and increasing culturally and linguistically-tailored materials that are available to clients. The goal of the Health Equity Committee is to help their staff provide more culturally-competent and patient-centered care.

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