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ACC Nursing Program to BSN Partnership

Healthcare Industry

2-Year IHE

Organizations Involved

Alpena Community College, UM-Flint, Chamberlain University, EMU, SVSU, Oakland University, Davenport University

Occupations Involved

Registered nurses; licensed practical or licensed vocational nurses

Workforce Development Focus

Improving the quality of healthcare workforce

Workforce Issues Addressed

Providing educational opportunities for healthcare professionals to become more specialized in their occupation


Alpena Community College's nursing program has partnered with multiple four-year higher-ed institutions to help turn more LPNs and RNs into BSNs across the state. Once LPNs from Alpena CC pass their NCLEX-PN exam, they are eligible to begin taking concurrent courses at Davenport University's and EMU's BSN programs. Once RNs from Alpena CC pass their NCLEX-RN exam, they can transfer their credits and enroll in a BSN program at one of these 4-year higher-ed institutions: UM-Flint, Davenport University, EMU, Chamberlain University, Oakland University and SVSU.

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