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Work Desk

Solutions Collaborative



The Solutions Collaborative is an organized way for decision-makers across the care continuum to build health workforce capacity together.  


We are launching the Solutions Collaborative with support from the Michigan Health Endowment Fund. Our initial products and services include:


Current and projected shortages by profession, geographic area, and site-of-care


CRM-style database of existing workforce activities and solutions


Blueprint for action on stakeholder priorities


Implementation steps and resources required to execute the plan

Join the Solutions Collaborative


Let us know you are interested in receiving future communication about the Solutions Collaborative for any or all of these reasons:


  • You are tired of endlessly searching for who is doing what to solve the workforce crisis

  • You want to implement workforce capacity-building solutions at your organization that you know have worked for others

  • You want to avoid having to join umpteen different calendar-clogging workgroups, taskforces, and committees to know how groups of individuals are attempting to solve problems much bigger than any one organization

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