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Region V Public Health Training Center (RVPHTC) expansion

Region V Public Health Training Center

4-Year IHE

Healthcare Industry

Organizations Involved

Occupations Impacted

Public Health Professionals; Physician Group

Workforce Development Focus

Increasing number of healthcare workers AND improving the quality of healthcare workforce

Workforce Issue Addressed

Providing a benefit or incentive that encourages individuals to pursue a healthcare profession; Increasing the training available to current healthcare professionals; Training current healthcare professionals in new techniques or practices


The Region V Public Health Training Center is in the process of expanding with the help of a $3.7 million HRSA grant. The award will help the center increase the supply, diversity, and capacity of the public health workforce with programs and tools. Some of these include creating student field placement stipends and professional development opportunities, creating open access online trainings for public health professionals and developing a new leadership institute for public health and primary care practitioners. The purpose of the expansion is to coordinate learning opportunities and connect practitioners in Michigan and Region V to promote public health of the areas.

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