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Specialty Unit Nurse Residencies

MyMichigan Health


Healthcare Industry

Organizations Involved

Occupations Impacted

Registered Nurses

Workforce Development Focus

Increasing number of healthcare workers AND healthcare workforce retention

Workforce Issue Addressed

Increasing the training available to current healthcare professionals; providing a benefit or incentive that encourages individuals to pursue a healthcare profession; any activity or implement that addresses reducing healthcare professional turnover


MyMichigan Health has specialty unit nurse residency programs for BSNs with less than 1 year of work experience to help them make the transition to working in a high acuity unit. The program includes a six-month preceptorship, where residents are paired with a preceptor and go through a variety of training, certifications and program sessions to prepare residents to work independently at the end of the residency. The specialty units that have specific nurse residencies are critical care, emergency department and progressive care. The nurse residencies are paid and after the program, nurses are assigned to a full-time position in their specialty unit at MyMichigan Health for at least two years. The goal of the programs are to increase and retain the number of new nurses working in specialty care units at MyMichigan sites.

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