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Paramedic Degree Collaboration

Northwestern Michigan College, Munson Regional EMS

2-Year IHE

Healthcare Industry

Organizations Involved

Occupations Impacted

Emergency Medical Technicians, Paramedics

Workforce Development Focus

Improving the quality of healthcare workforce

Workforce Issue Addressed

Providing educational opportunities for healthcare professionals to become more specialized in their occupation


Northwestern Michigan College and Munson Regional EMS are collaborating to encourage EMTs to get their associate degree in paramedicine. More public safety departments want to hire paramedics with college degrees and advanced training. Students who enroll in and complete the paramedic course offered by Munson Regional EMS Education will earn 43 credits toward an associate degree in paramedicine (AAS-Paramedic) at Northwestern Michigan College. Paramedics will only need to complete 18 more credits at NMC to earn their associate degree.

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