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Two MHC Implicit Bias Courses Now Available Completely Online

Michigan Health Council (MHC) is pleased to share that two Implicit Bias courses are now available in a completely online format. Both courses are designed to meet the requirements for licensure or re-licensure for healthcare providers in the state of Michigan under Administrative Rule 338.7004.

The first course, Implicit Bias: Recognition and Remediation, covers the basics of implicit biases including heuristics, decision-making, identity consciousness, and cultural humility.

The second and newest course, Implicit Bias: Mythbusting Race, covers the basics of implicit biases, the cultural construction of race, systemic racism, and the impact of racism.

Our implicit bias courses are also available in a live webinar format as well as in-person. The live webinar includes pre-recorded information, a pre-test, and a live, facilitated discussion. The in-person option includes a two-hour presentation with an introduction, targeted exercises, discussion, and evaluation questions.

To learn more or register, please visit



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