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Nationwide Nursing Reform Taking Shape in Michigan

In 2010, the Institute of Medicine issued a “campaign for action” to transform health care through nationwide nursing reforms. The Michigan Health Council and the Michigan Center for Nursing has been a leader in delivering these goals.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation issued a report outlining national progress to meet this goal, reporting that the future of nursing “is not in a galaxy far, far way,” but in many cases already here. The Michigan Health Council and the Michigan Center for Nursing have taken a leadership role, with collaboration with other health care leaders, on implementing many of the report’s recommendations.

Some the Health Council’s and the Center for Nursing’s initiatives include:

· Serving as an advocate for nurses to practice to the full extent of their training and scope of practice

· Improve training and leadership for nursing preceptors to improve the quality and leadership abilities for future nurses.

· A partnership with the Michigan Department of Community Health to expand opportunities for interprofessional education, in a program called Education 2 Practice

For more information on the Michigan Center for Nursing and the role of nurses in Michigan’s medical system, visit



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