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Muskegon ISD Introduces Third Graders to Healthcare Careers

February through March of 2023, over 700 3rd grade students from Muskegon ISD participated in and graduated from a virtual Mini-Medical School! This was our last major event as Mini-Medical School before we kick off our virtual Scrubs Club events this fall.

During the two-month-long event, each third-grade classroom had unlimited access to a virtual classroom and all its activities, experiments, and videos. Students had the opportunity to explore a variety of health and wellness topics individually or as a class. Students learned how to keep bones healthy, why it’s important to wash hands, and much more. As part of their learning, students participated in a healthcare career scavenger hunt, which kept them on the lookout for information about different healthcare career opportunities available to them.

Midway through the event, Muskegon ISD classrooms had the option to participate in one of the twelve “Ask a Doc” sessions, which were hosted in partnership with Family Medicine volunteers from Wayne State University School of Medicine. During each Ask a Doc session, students had the opportunity to ask volunteers questions, such as how much schooling it takes to become a doctor, what the volunteers love most about their careers, and even “if I cut off my finger, can you re-attach it?” The volunteers had a great time answering questions even as Muskegon students kept them on their toes.

We are happy to continue our partnership with Muskegon ISD through this second annual Virtual Mini-Medical School event and look forward to many more Scrubs Club events in the future. A big congratulations to all the 3rd Grade Graduates; we’re sure you are going to make incredible future healthcare professionals!



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