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Michigan Health Council Hosts First VIRTUAL Mini-Medical School

Michigan Health Council has partnered with Muskegon Area Intermediate School District to offer the Mini-Medical School program in a virtual setting for the first time! Today's event will offer health and medicine-related activities to third graders in Muskegon.

The virtual Mini-Medical School curriculum aligns closely with the activities provided through our in-person events and is offered through an innovative online platform that allows teachers flexibility in how they choose to share the program with their students.

This new format allows teachers to virtually "walk” their students through an event space where students may interact with clickable buttons called "mattertags". Each of the mattertags will direct participants to online Mini-Medical School resources and activities. Resources are color-coded by activity type: videos, worksheets, photos, online, and interactive activities. These activities correspond to the information covered at each traditional Mini-Medical School station, including Bone Health, Organs, Hygiene & Germs, and more.

In addition to the online platform, virtual Mini-Medical School offers live Zoom chats with health care students and/or professionals where participating K-5 students may ask questions about their job and career path.

As with our in-person events, virtual Mini-Medical School participants will graduate with a celebratory photo and certificate of completion.

Virtual Mini-Medical School is not only a fun way to introduce students to professions in health care, but it also meets the Michigan Department of Education Social and Emotional Learning Competencies and Indicators for the Health Sciences. Additionally, the program aligns with the Michigan Career Development Model for grades K-5, supporting career awareness by introducing students to the Health Sciences career zone.

Though Mini-Medical School is Michigan-based, our virtual program is available to any school with students in grades K-5, regardless of location. To learn more about this program, or to host an event at your local school, please visit



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