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Melanie Brim Announces Retirement from Michigan Health Council


CONTACT: Ana Hornburg

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(517) 908-8229

LANSING, Mich. — Melanie Brim, President and CEO of Michigan Health Council (MHC) today announced her retirement, effective December 31, 2023. Brim has proudly served as the CEO of MHC since 2014. She is widely recognized for her exceptional leadership and commitment to supporting Michigan's health care workforce.

“Melanie's heart has been the driver of her remarkable career of service to the people of Michigan,” says Michael Bouthillier, board chair of MHC and Pharmacy Specialist at Corewell Health. “It has been inspiring to see how everything she sets out to do is for the benefit of individuals with needs."

Brim's distinguished career in health care spans a diverse range of settings, including acute care, long-term care, community health, behavioral health, and physician practice management. During her tenure at MHC, Melanie has been a driving force behind the organization's growth and increased visibility. Since taking on the role of CEO, she has steered the organization on a remarkable trajectory, transforming it into a prominent player in Michigan's healthcare landscape.

“Melanie’s visionary leadership has led to the establishment of numerous successful partnerships and the creation of initiatives that have had a profound impact on the health care workforce,” says Craig Donahue, Vice President and COO of MHC. “Michigan Health Council will definitely continue to build on her passion for finding new ways to increase our visibility, reach, and revenue.”

Among Melanie's notable achievements is successfully navigating the organization through the pandemic. Not only did MHC emerge from the pandemic as strong, but it also expanded its team of individuals committed to building, enhancing, and strengthening the health care workforce. Her tireless dedication to advancing health care accessibility, quality, and efficiency has left an indelible mark on the health care sector in the state.

As she prepares for her well-deserved retirement, Melanie Brim expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to serve at the helm of MHC, stating, "It has been an honor to work alongside so many dedicated professionals in the pursuit of improving the health care workforce. I am immensely proud of what we have accomplished together, and I look forward to watching Michigan Health Council continue to thrive in the years to come."

Melanie Brim's retirement marks the end of an era for MHC, but her legacy of leadership and commitment to health care excellence will endure as the organization continues its mission to create products and provide services their partners rely on to build health care workforce capacity.


About Michigan Health Council

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