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Manage Your Health Care Mentoring Program Using ACEMAPP

The ACEMAPP team recently collaborated with health care professionals to create an innovative new way for students and professionals to engage in mentoring online. The intent of this service is to help health care professionals overcome barriers to long term employment.

How it works:

If you already have a mentoring program at your organization, you can transition it to ACEMAPP in order to deliver your mentorship learning materials and resources online. The ACEMAPP implementation team can create a process specific to your needs when it comes to matching mentors and mentees at your organization. You may assign a specific person to review and approve matches or mentees can search and request mentors independently.

If do not yet have a mentoring program, but would like to start one, the ACEMAPP team can work with you to create a new process. Students or new hires can be matched with others at your organization based on the parameters you set.

Whats included:

Mentoring can be managed in ACEMAPP regardless of program or profession. ACEMAPP provides a curriculum of mentoring modules developed by health care professionals in partnership with the MHC team. You are able to use them if you would like, or you may deliver your own custom learning materials.

You also have the option to deliver evaluations to mentoring participants before, during, and/or after their mentoring experience to track your success.

Getting Started:

To learn more or get started, please contact the ACEMAPP team at [email protected] or 844-223-4292. Or, schedule a demonstration at

ACEMAPP is a product of Michigan Health Council.



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