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Macy Foundation’s IPE Curriculum Standards

Interprofessional Education is an essential part of nursing education. The World Health Organization, Institute of Medicine, AACN, AAMC, and a whole host of professional bodies has identified collaborative practice as a key competency for future nurses.

The Macy Foundation, a leading private financial supporter of interprofessional education initiatives, has released a new issue brief outlining some key features of new interprofessional curriculum content.

The issue brief outlined projects that offer “promising models” for interprofessional education.

Mayo Clinic Through a “teach the teacher” program, faculty teach health professions students the fundamentals of quality improvement, how to use QA tools, and how best to optimize patient safety.

Geisinger Health System Medical and nursing students learn about teamwork and quality improvement together through hands-on learning exercises with real-world examples.

University of Pennsylvania Medical residents have a quality improvement track in quality and safety initiatives through practical and education interprofessional experiences.

Learn more about Michigan’s interprofessional education and team-based care collaboration, Education to Practice at



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