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Looking at a Tableau of Possible Workforce Futures

One of the largest unanswered questions we have is how health care reform efforts, in combination with an aging workforce, will impact the demand for health care providers at all levels.

The Commonwealth of Kentucky’s Health Benefit exchange commissioned a report written by Deloitte examining the capacity of Kentucky’s health care workforce.

The report takes an interesting and innovative approach of modeling the supply and demand of health care services, by outlining five different scenarios. Most interestingly, the authors included a <href=”#1″>unique data visualization tool to see how changing different scenarios and assumptions will change impact in every county in Kentucky. This level of detail provides residents, policy makers, employers, and educators with a rich dataset and a fine-grained level of detail.

Currently, the Michigan Health Council is evaluating ways to bring this level of analysis to Michigan.

Prioritizing high-impact solutions based on real data will be essential to address the fast-moving changes in health care in the next decade.

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