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How Do Health Care Jobs Impact Your Community?

Each year, health care employees are paid $31 billion in wages and salaries, creating more than 429,000 indirect jobs in Michigan.

Working with the data from this report, the Michigan Health Council created these maps illustrating health care’s impact on the economies of Michigan’s 83 counties.

See the number of health care jobs per 1,000 residents in Michigan’s Counties

For a different perspective, this map shows the relative economic impact each health care job creates in each county. Not only

do Michigan counties have different numbers of per-capita health care jobs, health care contributes to a range of economic output for each health care job.

Four northern-Michigan counties have some of the highest ratios of per-capita health care jobs in Michigan. However, neighboring communities have among the lowest and given the large distances between these communities, this map visually represents some of the most pressing health care shortage areas in Michigan.Special thanks to the Michigan State Medical Society,Michigan Health and Hospital Association, and Michigan Osteopathic Association for the generous use of the Economic Impact Report Data.

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