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Health Council Launches Education 2 Practice Portal for Interprofessional Care

In partnership with the Michigan Department of Community Health, the Michigan Health Council announced the launch of the Education 2 Practice hub, an online resource to provide health care students, professionals, educators, and policy makers the tools to create successful interprofessional education and team-based care experiences in Michigan.

“Our goal with ‘Education 2 Practice’ is to provide real world, evidence-based tools to help educators, students, and clinicians develop team-based care in Michigan,” said Education 2 Practice Coordinator David Miller. “We are excited to help clinical use the Education 2 Practice tools to develop interprofessional education and team-based care.”

The online hub – – features tools, resources, and current practices from interprofessional care in Michigan and around the country, allowing Michigan practitioners and educators to see what is working well in other settings and adopt interprofessional models to meet their clinical needs.

“The Michigan Health Council is proud to be working with the Michigan Department of Community Health on Education 2 Practice as part of the State of Michigan’s strategy to address future health care workforce shortages,” said Michigan Health Council President and CEO Anne Rosewarne. “Interprofessional education and practice will be essential to increase access to care in Michigan and can be an essential way to improve care and reduce costs.”

The Education 2 Practice team is currently developing an interprofessional tool kit, featuring ready-to-use solutions to develop interprofessional clinical experiences. To learn more about the tool kit visit



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