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Health Care Career Shadowing with STRIDE

STRIDE, a program of the Michigan Health Council, provides opportunities for high school students to immerse themselves in professional experiences where they have the opportunity to observe, communicate, and assist healthcare professionals. It is our goal to help build Michigan’s future healthcare workforce by engaging students in job shadowing experience.

A STRIDE experience  is a way for students to foster professional conversation, develop networking skills, and an opportunity to be a part of public service. Because of that we believe it’s a valuable experience for ALL students regardless of their interest level in becoming a health care professional.

Initially, STRIDE launched to help students explore careers in dental hygiene by connecting them with an opportunity to job shadow a program called SEAL! Michigan – a  statewide oral health program that provides dental screenings and sealants to students.

We are looking to expand into shadowing other health professions that students would like to explore. Please reach out to us whether you are student looking to gain experience or a teacher or administrator looking for opportunities for your students. We would love to partner with you to make that happen!



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