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Five Health Care Reports You Don’t Want to Miss

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Michigan’s Certificate of Need Nursing Home and Hospital Bed Inventory

Michigan’s CON released its bimonthly reports on hospital and nursing home bed inventories. As care delivery models change, bed inventories – and our method of counting them – will need to keep up.

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Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Shared Progress Towards Greater Transparency

In an effort to reduce health care costs and greater transparency as part of the Affordable Care Act, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have promoted the collection, reporting, and sharing of data.

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Health Care Price Growth at 20-year Low

This report from the Altarum Institute highlights how health care price inflation is at a 20-year low. As the national and state economy grows, how will health care prices respond?

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From Model to Action: Using System Dynamics to Promote Community Action Along Health Risks

Moving from health care reform to health reform will require taking a community-level approach to health care risks through community-level treatment. This article examines an Austin, Texas-based approach to using a system dynamics model of cardiovascular disease risk to inform community interventions health care programming.

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IOM Commentary: Forging Collaboration Between Academia and Practice.

Connecting interprofessional education to team-based practice settings is essential to transforming care delivery away from the highly-siloed current model. This IOM commentary, by George Thibault, MD and Stephen Schoenbaum, MD, examines efforts to connect these two groups.

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