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December’s Note from Anne Rosewarne

Dear Friends –

Welcome to the first edition of the Michigan Health Council’s monthly Health Care News Briefs. I hope you will find the information we send you useful and interesting.

We are sending you these brief updates not just to tell you what we’re doing at the Health Council – we also want to listen to your thoughts on health care. What are the important developments for you? How could the Health Council partner with you to improve Michigan’s health care workforce? What are the issues no one is talking about?

During our first 70 years, the Michigan Health Council has seen a truly incredible amount of change in health care. Technology is going to continue to reshape health care in both education and practice.

In this light, I am excited to highlight some Michigan-based advances in health care technology in this month’s Michigan Health Council News Briefs.

Read about the exciting work Davenport University did to create a nation-leading Health Information Management program – a field of study that almost did not exist just five years ago. In October, the Michigan Health Council awarded this program with a Building Michigan’s Health Care Workforce Award.

We also included a TED talk on the future of data-driven health care and you will not want to miss our annual survey of nurses, which reveals the start of a major demographic shift in our nursing workforce.

Thank you for taking the time to stay in touch with the Michigan Health Council, and I look forward to hearing from you about how we can all work together to continue to improve Michigan’s health care workforce.

From the board and staff of the Michigan Health Council, please accept our warmest wishes for a restful and happy holiday season.


Anne Rosewarne



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