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Blueprint for our Health Care Professionals

Michigan’s Department of Community Health submitted a “Blueprint for Health Innovation” to the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation.

The Blueprint provides a framework for pursuing a State Innovation Model (SIM) testing grant to evaluate new health care delivery and finance systems.

What does the blueprint look like? You can read the entire report here, but some highlights include:

  1. Expanding access to patient centered medical homes

  2. Better coordinated and team-based care models

  3. Fewer unnecessary hospitalizations and readmissions

  4. Reducing health disparities based on race, income, geography, and source of insurance

Want to learn more?

Clare Tanner, PhD, one of the consultants helping advance the Blueprint, plans to present some of this work at the 3rd Annual Northern Michigan Interprofessional Conference, on September 26-27 at Treetops Resort in Gaylord, Michigan.



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