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ACEMAPP Version 2: Information Technology Q & A

Q & A with ACEMAPP’s Director of Information Technology, Ajay Arumuga


Q: What can we expect with ACEMAPP Version 2? A: In addition to an array of new features, enhancements and updates, ACEMAPP Version 2 will be upgraded to run on a clustered server environment; users can expect increased speed, added security and increased redundancy.

Q: When does Version 2 go live? A: June 6, 2016.

Q: Will there be any downtime? A: Yes, ACEMAPP will be unavailable for a period of time on June 6th .

Q: How is data being migrated during the downtime and how is risk being managed? A: The entire month of May is dedicated for data migration, and data translation testing by the ACE team. The current ACEMAPP will be locked on Friday (June 3rd) and during the weekend; the data will be migrated and tested one last time. The risk is acceptable, as we will be running and perfecting the migration during the month of May. On launch/go-live we will be running the tested/perfected migration one last time and performing final validation/translation testing.

Q: Is there a plan to comprehensively document the new features and functionality of the next ACEMAPP version? A: Yes, we will have a knowledge-base as well as school/site user manuals and an admin user manual (there will be content regarding the new features and functionality).

Q: We are interested in providing training sessions for our administrator and coordinator users. Will there be any training resources that we can leverage or customize that you are guys providing? A: We will have a knowledge-base, user-manuals and one-pagers for school/site users. The new ACEMAPP contains an interactive walk-through help system to assist users in navigating the new features. Additionally, we will provide ongoing walk-throughs of the new system and will record the training’s’ as an on-demand resource.

Q: Just to confirm the plan for downtime is to close accessibility to ACEMAPP V1 on June 3rd after 5:00pm (Eastern) and open accessibility on ACEMAPP V2 prior to 8:00am (Eastern)? A: The current ACEMAPP will be locked from Friday June 3rd until ACEMAPP Version 2 launches on June 6th. Users will be able to access ACEMAPP but will not be able to make any changes to data during this time. The data migration will be performed during the weekend, and once data is tested and validated – on Monday June 6th, we will point ACEMAPP to the new servers and new version. The anticipated time for the switch (the ACEMAPP domain being pointed to the new version) is 1 hour, although it can take longer to propagate.

A Note from Ajay:

Dear ACEMAPP Users,

While our goal is to make the transition to version 2 as seamless as possible, the site may be down for a period of time on June 6th. We appreciate your patience throughout this process. If you have any questions or concerns about the upcoming release of ACEMAPP version 2, please contact me via email at [email protected] or by phone at 517-347-8093.

Sincerely, Ajay Arumugam



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