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A Letter from Mark Burley, Michigan HOSA Director, to HOSA Teachers & Administrators

Dear HOSA Leaders:

Welcome to a new Michigan HOSA year! Thank you for your dedication to young people and the healthcare community. Michigan HOSA strives to ensure your students have many opportunities to experience professional growth that will shape their future.

Michigan HOSA has several goals this year. It is important to share these objectives so we can work together to achieve the highest degree of success. First, I aim to over-communicate with advisors and local officers. People are busy, especially teachers, and details are easily missed. I will communicate often via the HOSASynapse. I hope to send information regarding events, HOSA resources and registration weekly.

HOSA is more than competitive events. Our second goal is to provide opportunities that will help members grow as Future Health Professionals in addition to competitive events. We will send articles/videos, organize conferences, suggest service projects, and encourage chapter activities that will benefit the HOSAmembers.

Membership growth! We have a good thing going here. Students connect with HOSA. They like it and HOSA has a way of motivating members to strive for more. Last year we affiliated just under 6,300 members. If we encourage enough schools and enough students to join, I am certain we can affiliate over 7,000 members this year. HOSA is a wonderful learning opportunity for all students. Let us share the experience so that many can gain from it.

In the same vein, National HOSA has developed a Middle School Membership Division to provide the benefits of HOSA to our younger population. Danielle Maclean, Michigan HOSA’s Associate Director (full-time MSU student/part-time HOSA) , is working to expand Michigan HOSA’s middle school and post-secondary membership. Be on the lookout for information regarding these two membership divisions.

We know HOSA is a tremendous benefit to your students. HOSA is co-curricular and is helpful to teachers and students. We also understand HOSA is something you offer your students in addition to your jam-packed curriculum. Michigan HOSA recognizes this, appreciates and thanks you for every effort you make to ensure the success of your students and our healthcare community.

If there is something we at the Michigan HOSA office can do to provide a better HOSA experience, please do not hesitate to ask.

Sincerely, Mark Burley Director, Michigan HOSA



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