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2022 Physician Assistant Clinical Rotation Survey


MHC Insight completed a 2022 survey of Physician Assistant degree programs in the State of Michigan. Ten schools were surveyed, with 100 percent participation, regarding their clinical rotation experiences, and the results have been aggregated for analysis. We sought a systematic understanding of the requirements clinical partners have for students to train at their facilities, with an emphasis on any payment requirements.

To learn more, please download the full report below:

About MHC

Michigan Health Council (MHC) is a solutions-oriented nonprofit organization on a mission to create products and provide services our partners rely on to build health care workforce capacity in the State of Michigan. The purpose of MHC Insight, the research arm of MHC, is to report on critical issues facing Michigan’s healthcare workforce. We want to be the primary resource for high-quality, data-driven information on Michigan’s health care workforce.

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