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2019 Michigan Nursing Summit Hosts Nurses From Throughout the State

We’re proud to have hosted yet another successful Michigan Nursing Summit through our Michigan Center for Nursing program.

This year’s Summit was themed Widening the Lens. Broadening Perspectives. Thinking Differently. Some of the topics included:

  1. Unconscious Biases

  2. Cultural Congruency

  3. LGBT+ Older Adults

  4. Cannabis

  5. Behavioral Health

  6. Creating Healthy Work Environments

The Summit convened over 200 nurses and close to 300 total attendees. Over 50 exhibitors and 40 academic posters acted as informational activities between sessions.

Some of the attendees made the following remarks on their evaluations:

  1. “The best aspect was the anti-bullying and humor in the work place. This makes a huge difference in the milieu and I plan to formulate a class similar to the two”

  2. “Feeling inspired again as a nurse, getting to step outside of my unit of practice and see a bigger picture of nursing practice”

  3. “The topics geared more towards becoming a better nurse and self care. I wanted to go back to my place of employment and just be better. I felt like the summit made me feel such pride and privilege in being a nurse. Very uplifting.”

We would like to take a moment to thank our planning committee, abstract reviewers, and community partners who made this event possible. Special thanks to our team member, Kristin Sewell, who led the outstanding organization of this year’s event!



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