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SDMS Foundation Emerging Leaders Program

Healthcare Industry

Organizations Involved

Occupations Involved

Workforce Development Focus

Workforce Issues Addressed


Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography (SDMS)

Diagnostic Medical Sonographers, Diagnostic Medical Sonography students

Increasing number of healthcare workers AND healthcare workforce retention

Training individuals to work in a healthcare profession; expanding career and/or professional development opportunities of current healthcare professionals


The Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (SDMS) Foundation Emerging Leaders Program is an initiative that annually identifies and mentors a cohort of students and recent graduates to be future leaders in Sonography. The program runs from January to June, and the curriculum includes general leadership education, leading within the SDMS and careers in Sonography. In addition, all participants receive a free year of SDMS membership and access to a community of program alumni. Only one member of each cohort is selected to be the year's grant recipient based on their participation in the program and they receive all expenses paid to attend and participate at 4 conferences, including the SDMS Annual Conference.

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