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AMWA Mentoring

Healthcare Industry

Organizations Involved

Occupations Involved

Workforce Development Focus

Workforce Issues Addressed


American Medical Women's Association (AMWA)

Physician Group; Medical students; Other: residents

Increasing number of healthcare workers AND healthcare workforce retention

Providing a benefit or incentive that encourages individuals to pursue a healthcare profession - addresses a barrier going into a healthcare profession; expanding career and/or professional development opportunities of current healthcare professionals


American Medical Women's Association (AMWA) Mentoring is an opportunity offered to members to gain wisdom about being a woman in medicine to ultimately be more successful in their careers. Mentees learn the "unwritten rules" and strategies to become well-prepared to advance in their careers. Mentors are available at every stage of an individual's career, from studying as a medical student, training as a resident and practicing as a physician. Mentoring is accessible through a mobile app that allows for both group and 1:1 mentoring, and it matches mentors and mentees based on areas of interest, skills and experience.

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