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Wayne Med-Direct

Healthcare Industry

4-Year IHE

Organizations Involved

Wayne State University

Occupations Involved

College students, general; Medical school students

Workforce Development Focus

Increasing number of healthcare workers

Workforce Issues Addressed

Providing a benefit or incentive that encourages individuals to pursue a healthcare profession; Training individuals to work in a healthcare profession


The Wayne Med-Direct program is a B.S./B.A. to M.D. program that admits 10 freshman students per year to Wayne State University's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Honors College and creates a pipeline for admission to Wayne State's School of Medicine. The Wayne Med-Direct program participants get a scholarship for 4 years of paid tuition and room & board. If undergraduate participants successfully graduate from the program and if they are admitted to Wayne State's College of Medicine, they will receive a scholarship for 4 years of tuition and fees for medical school. The Wayne Med-Direct participants must be from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds who are interested in studying health disparities. The purpose of the program is to provide tuition assistance and support to disadvantaged students who want to become physicians.

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