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Rural Telepsychiatry Fellowship

Healthcare Industry

Skilled Nursing

Organizations Involved

Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services, North Country Community Mental Health

Occupations Involved

Other: Psychiatry Fellows

Workforce Development Focus

Increasing number of healthcare workers AND healthcare workforce retention

Workforce Issues Addressed

Improving staffing shortage (allows healthcare professionals to be less burdened by amount of work); Increasing the training available to current healthcare professionals


Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services added a telepsychiatry rotation to their Child and Adolescent Fellowship in 2022. There are currently four fellows who are providing telepsychiatry services to North Country CMH, which is located in Northern Michigan. This rotation increases the number of child and adolescent psychiatrists providing services in these rural counties which increases patients' access to mental healthcare. The rotation also acts as a recruitment tool for fellows to continue working with rural/underserved populations post-fellowship.

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