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Michigan Center for Infectious Disease Threats

Healthcare Industry


Organizations Involved

Michigan Medicine, University of Michigan

Occupations Involved

Public health professionals

Workforce Development Focus

Improving the quality of healthcare workforce

Workforce Issues Addressed

Training current healthcare professionals in new techniques or practices


U-M was awarded $13.8 million over 5 years from the Biosciences Initiative to build the Michigan Center for Infectious Disease Threats (MCIDT). MCIDT allows researchers to work across disciplines on issues key to infectious disease preparedness and response, including public health workforce development. MCIDT's public health workforce development projects are designed to strengthen the strategic skills and capacity of the workforce to develop integrated training in public health practices to address infectious disease threats in Michigan. Some of the workforce development specific projects that are relevant include online training and continuing education (CE) modules, a four-part webinar series about the role of public health in responding to outbreaks and disasters (Preparedness Roundtable), and a dynamic educational discussion-based series with infectious disease experts and veterinarians (One Health ECHO).

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