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Clinical Psychology Internship at Children's Hospital of Michigan

Healthcare Industry


Organizations Involved

VHS Children's Hospital of Michigan, Inc.

Occupations Involved

Psychology students

Workforce Development Focus

Increasing number of healthcare workers AND improving the quality of healthcare workforce

Workforce Issues Addressed

Training individuals to work in a healthcare profession; training current healthcare professionals in SDOH, implicit bias, or on other subjects that will help professionals provide more culturally-competent and/or patient-centered care


Children's Hospital of Michigan (CHM) received a HRSA grant to continue their clinical psychology internship, which provides doctoral psychology interns the opportunity to train and deliver services to Detroit's at-risk youth using interdisciplinary, integrated trauma-informed behavioral health care. The interns work with youth who have acute and chronic health conditions to help assess, prevent, and treat Opioid Use Disorder and Substance Abuse Disorder with their children and adolescent clients. The internship has been accredited since 1988.

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