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CareerWise Upper Peninsula

Healthcare Industry

Michigan Works!

Organizations Involved

UP Michigan Works, CareerWise

Occupations Involved


Workforce Development Focus

Increasing number of healthcare workers

Workforce Issues Addressed

Attracting individuals who have not yet entered the workforce / labor force to work in a healthcare profession


CareerWise Upper Peninsula is a partnership between U.P. Michigan Works! and CareerWise. The program aims to increase the number of youth apprentices in the UP by offering 3-year long PAID apprenticeship programs to high school students. One of the apprenticeship programs offered is for Clinical Healthcare, where students can work in an entry-level clinical healthcare role such as CNA, phlebotomist, PCT or PT tech. Apprentices then are offered tuition reimbursement benefits by their employer to work toward becoming a radiology tech, RN, OT assistant or MRI tech. The goal of CareerWise U.P.'s Clinical Healthcare track is to increase the number of healthcare workers in the UP.

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