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Top 5 Health Care Tech Trends 2013

Where is health care’s technology future headed? Here are five tech trends that are starting today.

1. “Like” Your Hospital A new study from the American Journal of Medical Quality found significant increases in patient quality from increased use of hospital Facebook activity. The Facebook pages of hospitals with more “likes” performed better on measures like heart attack mortality rate and patient recommendation scores.

2. Supporting Workforce – Hospitals won’t have indoor slides anytime soon, but the Michigan Health Council’s ACE-MAPP system helps improve clinical students efficiency by improving clinical rotation scheduling and training.

3. Text Before Visiting – The Atlantic Monthly poses an interesting question about whether or not more than 10% of Americans should use text messaging or email to communicate with health care providers to limit uneccessary emergency room visits.

4. Using Data Analysis Mapping geographic areas of increased health care spending and directing more care is increasingly becoming a critical way of treating neighborhoods with concentrations of patients with chronic complex conditions.

5. Vine-O  – Vine isn’t about the jungle. It’s a new social media app that allows users to post six second videos. Ragan’s Health Care Communication Blog highlights the health care specific uses for Vine.



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