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Technology is a Growing Part of Today and Tomorrow’s Health Care Workforce

This helpful infographic explains the large role health care workers play in our economy and how technology will continue to grow in health care. As health care technology grows, the types and education in health care careers will have to change.

At least 50,000 new jobs will have to be filled to implement electronic medical records in the US. In fact, entire new careers are being developed to fill this need.

Additionally, medical professionals will need to increasingly adopt technology as part of the daily care needs. Less than 50 percent of health care providers today have a website and only 14 percent of solo physician practices send appointment reminders to patients via email.

As information technology and data change health care , the Michigan Health Council is working to help health care professionals, educators, and employers stay ahead of the curve.

We are always looking to help connect health care professionals with the high-quality programming they need to be successful. Can the Michigan Health Council help you? Contact us here with your questions or ideas.



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