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Robert Wood Johnson’s “Flip the Clinic” Looks to Disrupt What We Think We Know About a Doctor’s Appo

Most people think they know exactly what “health care” should be: make an appointment, walk into the office, sign in, wait, the doctor shows up, prescribes some medication, and everyone leaves. That scenario just doesn’t reflect how health care is delivered today – or tomorrow.

The Robert Wood Johnson-funded effort to “Flip the Clinic” is a project to re-imagine how clinical care is delivered in the 21st Century, through technology, team-based care, and new physical spaces for care.

As the RWJF points out, current doctor’s appointments are “a high-cost, high-resource encounter with surprisingly limited value and limited returns.”

This project isn’t just for physicians. The future of health care delivery is through teams, so whether the clinician is a physician, advanced practice nurse, pharmacist, social worker, or physician assistant, ideas to flip the clinic will be essential.

Examples of projects that “Flip the Clinic” include the OpenNotes project, the Camden Coalition, and Project ECHO.

Learn more at Connect with Flip the Clinic on Facebook or on Twitter.

David Miller, Program Manager, Education to Practice

Collecting and sharing new, successful, and replicable ideas is essential to achieving the “Triple Aim” in health care of reducing cost, improving quality, and strengthening community health.

Education to Practice aims to promote programs, best practices, and models of interprofessional education and team-based care found throughout Michigan. Be sure to visit us at to learn more.



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