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Michigan Wins Second Interprofessional Federal Grant Award

Drew Murray, Strategic Operations Manager

“This award shows how competitive Michigan can be on the national stage when we work together.

We will need to continue collaborating to effectively identify and address our health care needs that may just be emerging as we enter a new phase of health reform.

I look forward to furthering this collaborative effort and building more to better serve our state.”

The Michigan Health Council (MHC) partnered with four other organizations to win a competitive Oral Health Workforce grant award of over $1.3 million from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) that will fund a dental sealant and mentorship program as well as an interprofessional teamwork program.

The partnership, led by the Michigan Department of Community Health, also includes Ferris State University, University of Michigan’s School of Dentistry and Medical School, and the School-Community Health Alliance of Michigan. The Michigan Health Council’s HOSA and Education to Practice programs will provide integral support to these grant partners.

The dental sealant program’s objectives are to establish practice settings in elementary and middle schools for dental hygiene students to screen, assess, and educate over one thousand students on the importance of oral health, while also providing dental sealants. The MHC’s HOSA program will provide mentorship opportunities for high school students to learn about dentistry and other health professions through visits to established dental sealant delivery sites.

The interprofessional program’s objective is to develop a multi-professional health care team model and measure team member perceptions, patient quality of life/care, and clinical efficiency/financial impact outcomes at the Hamilton Community Health Network in Flint, Michigan. The MHC’s Education to Practice program will create communications content and products to provide timely dissemination of lessons learned and maximize impact across Michigan.

This is the second HRSA award focused on interprofessional efforts that the Michigan Health Council has helped bring to Michigan for a total of over $2.7 million to improve the care our residents receive.

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