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Michigan Center for Nursing and the Michigan DNP Network Host 2013 Roundtable of Distinction

On June 7, 2013, representatives from the nine Colleges of Nursing in Michigan that offer Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) programs, DNP students, practicing DNPs and practice partners gathered in a roundtable format at Michigan State University College of Nursing.

The purpose of this roundtable was to bring together leaders from education and practice to:

  1. Share insights on the preparation of DNPs, both MSN to DNP and BSN to DNP

  2. Explore evolving roles of the DNP in practice

  3. Explore ways to address the complexity of healthcare delivery through DNP clinical preparation and the collaborative efforts of academicians and practice experts

The keynote speaker was Dr Luannette Woolforde from North Shore LIJ Health System, in New York who presented innovations in successfully incorporating DNPs in practice across a major health system.

The Action steps that emerged from the Roundtable Discussions included:

  1. A workgroup was to be convened to develop DNP Talking Points that would be directed at practice organizations across the continuum featuring various roles and competencies that the DNP can address to impact patient outcomes and organizational goals.

  2. An online data-base/repository was proposed, housed in the Michigan Center for Nursing, to catalog completed Michigan DNP projects, practice opportunities for potential DNP projects and DNP student innovations/project proposals for practice.

  3. Another conference of Michigan academia and practice was proposed in the next year to discuss DNP workforce planning issues and be expanded to include interdisciplinary stakeholders and organizations such as MONE, MHA, and MIDNP.

  4. A periodic DNP conference was proposed to share best practices of Michigan DNP education and practice and student projects.



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