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Join a Brain Health Program

Are you concerned about memory loss? Do you want to learn strategies to prevent forgetfulness? Do you want to learn how to use technology to connect with your friends or relatives?

Brief Introduction: Professor Fei Sun from the School of Social Work at Michigan State University invites you to join a brain health program. This program aims to promote brain health for older adults through education, body movement and mindfulness training. The program will last for 8 online weekly sessions. You will be asked to fill out a pre and post survey.

Eligibility: age 60 or older; internet access; those with memory concerns or mild cognitive impaired. A MoCA (a cognitive test) score of 20 or above is needed. The ability to perform ADL tasks independently.

Compensation: Participants will receive $25 after joining the project!

IF interested: Please contact the project manager Lucas Prieto at [email protected] to set up an information and screening zoom call.

When: If selected, detailed information will be provided.

Contact: The Principle Investigator is Dr. Fei Sun [email protected] 602-515-1566.

To sign up, contact Project Manager Mr. Lucas Prieto at [email protected] at 989-859-2960.



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